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5 responses to “Negative Body Image and Weight: Anna Wintour Interview on 60 Minutes”

  1. Eugene Célibataires

    I do think that there is more truth in what Anna said about obesity being an illness than you give credit for. I do not say anorexia is not, but you can be skinny without having a throw up problem. On the other hand, if you are fat, there is certainly more at stake for you, since a lot of your body’s initial equilibrium is thrown out of balance. Obesity is a death factor in itself, being thin …not as much.

  2. Andre Celibataire Endurci

    Obesity is a problem and people should take care of their bodies for health reasons. Bu I also hate it when people are obsessed with loosing weight.

  3. Sunglasses

    I agree with you for the most part. But I think that shedding weight should be encouraged. Not for appearance’s sake, but for health related reasons. There is an epidemic of obesity in America. I don’t think cosmetic slimming should be encouraged at all. I don’t agree with photoshopping, I wish that Wintour would acknowledge that little flaws make us MORE beautiful. It’s real and something readers could relate to.


  4. 360 View

    Indeed, a compulsive obsession with being too thin
    and weight in general send mixed and even negative
    singles to women AND men…but in the outcry to shift
    perceptions about body image there are MANY who
    only hear this as permission to binge, bulge, and swing
    the pendulum too far to the ‘other side’. With a national
    population that is already drastically overweight, I can’t
    help but feel the rallying cry to be ‘normal’ is being understood as be as fat as you want. Which any medical professional will tell you is just as unhealthy, if not MORE unhealthy than being thin. That’s were media, even this blog, fall short in not promoting a message of be the
    healthy, natural body type you ‘should be’ but do so with
    healthy food, exercise, and common sense. The danger in
    (what was now proven to be ‘faked’) Dove’s Campaign for
    Real Beauty and others is that it is just as skewed as the
    skinny models on the runway.

    And I assure you, step outside of the ‘fashion industry’
    and onto any Main Street, Shopping Mall or WalMart and there are VERY few women or men who err on the side of
    waif-ness. To the contrary, we are fatter than EVER and
    we are fatter than ‘normal’.

  5. Hover

    This is a great post. Obesity is indeed a very alarming issue. Children as early as 6 years old are even diagnosed. I just hope government and health workers are effective in providing health education to families. Slimming pills must be avoided and exercise and diet must be maintained and controlled.

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