One response to “Karl Lagerfeld Defends Fur Industry”

  1. Julia

    Largerfeld is wrong to lump the fur industry in the same category as the meat industry because fur is never the byproduct of the meat industry (nor is leather). 90% of all fur imports around the world now come from China where the fur is produced more cheaply. You need to ask why it is cheaper and here is the reality:About 200 animals every minute, foxes, dogs, cats (strays or abducted from owners) and raccoon dogs (who are dogs) (not that the species matters!) are bashed against the ground to break their necks to be made immobile. They are fully conscious while they are skinned alive with skinning done with knife at the belly. It can take six hours. The animals scream and struggle. The workers step on their heads to hold them down of bash them. Why do they do this? Apparently it is easier to skin a live animal than one who is dead with rigour mortis. The entire skin is pulled from the animal even from its head and then the animal body is thrown on a pile of other bodies without fur. The animals continue to blink and their hearts beat for a further 10 seconds. All exploitation of animals is cruel. But this surely is unacceptable altogether. So, start taking this issue seriously and stop buying fur. It is the only way to stop this vile trade. If you think I am making this up go and read the report and watch the undercover videos at the Swiss Animal Protection site and see for yourselves: I love fashion and I like Lagerfeld- but this kind of cruelty has no justification. There are wonderful faux fur alternatives.

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