5 responses to “Is Vogue’s Anna Wintour Being Ousted ?”

  1. Nixy K

    I think Anna Wintour had a good run. Vogue is not doing half as well as they have in the past- especially with sales and ads. I think an overhall is much needed for them to succeed.

  2. Anett

    Let’s admit it: She has done an amazing job for Vogue and the fashion industry which cannot be compared to anyone else in the industry. Yes, she is a tough woman, but that’s why she is successful. Had she been a man, her leadership style would never have been an issue. That’s equal opportunities for you.

  3. sam

    Anna Wintour is fashion! She is vogue! Whatever happens Anna is what people buy vogue for sure she might have made mistakes but haven’t we all she is the embodiment of fashion firing her would mean the end of not only vogue, not only conde nast but fashion itself

  4. danielle

    i love anna wintour!! she is a fashion icon and nobody can ever replace her. yeah she’s tough but what do you expect?? thats why any body who comes out of vouge will be highly succesful

  5. Bckls

    Laughable article now, isn’t it? Anna’s Fashion’s Night Out tops any cheesy reality show and has a much better intended purpose, something actually adhering to the industry and current times, perfectly replaces all other “failures” and is not Project Runway tacky. Nothing beats Vogue and Anna will step down when she decides especially now with her increasing stardom, 60 minuets, The September Issue film and issue itself making Vogue History and the constant promoting of FNO on late nights has projected her status ten times. She’s got the fashion industry, Si and Conde by the balls. Carine is nothing more than a stylist who worked for Vogue in 2001 and was handed a job not by Conde but by Anna whilst she keep a watchful eye. A woman who is known for pumping up her competition and then pulling the rug from under their feet leaving them destitute is not going to be overrun by someone she promoted alongside a designer (Tom Ford), jut look at Kathy Betts.

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