4 responses to “Calling for a Healthier Body Image in the Fashion Industry”

  1. lauren

    what sources did you use for this article, I’m writing my senior thesis on the weight issues in the fashion industry and its effect on the general public, if you know of any good sites or books could you email me the titles and location (for sites) i would really appreciate it.

    thank you

  2. Joke

    Hi Lauren!

    I’m also writing my senior thesis about this topic!
    Can you give me some recommendations about this topic?

    Kind regards,


  3. Lauren

    I am also writing a research paper on this, does either of you have good sources?

  4. Malia

    I am also writing a research paper on this topic, and I was also wondering if you know any good sources , or anymore info on this subject.. if so please email me :)

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